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Official Property Description
or Special Promotion

Introduction: HotelGuide will post official descriptions or promotions for hotel properties. You may update this description or promotion frequently for maximum effect. There is no charge for this service.

What to do: Below is a Hotel "Graphical User Interface" (G.U.I.) form you can use to give us a description of your property or promotion. All fields are mandatory.

"For example, John Doe / Internet Marketing Director"

Very Important: Please double check the spelling and accuracy of your e-mail address.

Please include city and state/province.

For example, "Special Promotion for Summer" or "Nearest Hotel to the Airport".

Our editors reserve the right to edit all text descriptions.
To the best of my knowledge, the information above is
accurate and I am authorized to submit this
information under the terms set forth.

Please type the numbers you see in this image in the box below
Please type the numbers shown above into the box below.

Once you have verified the accuracy of your information, press the "submit listing" button above. Please print a copy of this page with your data for your records., Inc. will use this information to create, update, and/or maintain the accuracy of the content contained in its MetroManager database. You hereby authorize MetroGuide to use and incorporate this content into its family of guide sites and disclaim any legal interest in the information or manner in which the information is compiled and presented by MetroGuide or its licensees. To the best of your knowledge, the information is accurate and you are authorized to submit this information under the terms set forth above.



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