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Introduction: Directory listings are free. The event information you enter is stored in the MetroManager database, which powers numerous electronic event publications. By conveniently submitting your event information just once to MetroManager here, you are ensuring distribution in multiple locations and formats, such as the web, iTV, PDA's and wireless.

What to do: Below is the Event G.U.I.-pe form, a print version of our "Graphical User Interface" (G.U.I.) you can use to give us basic information about your event. To see this form properly, you may need to use a 4.0 or greater version of one of the major browsers. Simply print out the form and type or legibly print the information requested.

When finished, you can fax this form to 1-954-384-1201 in the U.S. or internationally.

You may also mail the form to us via postal mail. Our address is:, Inc.
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